Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Lights, Camera, Action...Going for My Dream :: Personal Narrative Acting Actress Essays

Lights, Camera, Action...Going for My DreamFor as long as I can recollect, I have always wanted to act. When I was younger, I would come across the Disney channel and wondering why I wasnt on one of the shows. My desire to act was strong, only my parents made it clear to me they didnt want me to bugger off engrossed in the entertainment industry until I was older. Each year I reminded my parents that I was getting older in hope that they would get me agent, but they insisted that I stop until I turned eighteen. Since my parents wouldnt let me set foot into the crazy world of the entertainment industry, I performed in discordant school plays and performed with a local ballet company. Inevitably, I convinced my parents to sign me up for an performing class in Westwood, called Mode Dion. I loved performing in my school plays, dance performances and acting class but I felt like I was not completely satisfied. I wanted to perform on television, but my parents insisted that I wait. at long last the day came, my eighteenth birthday. I distinguishable to go to a local Extra Casting Company. I signed up with Cenex Casting located in Burbank. I kid you not, I walked into the building and before I even got a chance to sign up one of the casting agents was trying to get me to work on Clueless the next day. The first show that I ended up doing was Teen Angel. Then I worked on other shows such(prenominal) as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boy Meets World, Love Boat the Next Wave and my all time favorite Party of Five. While working on these various shows I earned all the necessary vouchers to become eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild. I became a member of SAG in March. Working on the different shows was a completely exhilarating experience. I never knew how much time and effort went into creating one episode of a show. I finally understood my parents reasoning for having wait. For the most part, the experience I have had with acting has only been through drama class es at school, acting lessons, performing with the Dance Company and supererogatory work on the set. This may seem like many experiences however, I still had questions on how to pursue my dream as an actress. At that point, I decided to turn to the Internet to get some resources on how to

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