Friday, May 24, 2019

Reaction Paper on Restructuring

Director of Pony Express called a strategic planning meeting. They predicted from numerous rumors some assertable problems and potential competitions. Pony Express was a mail service delivering messages, newspapers, mail and simple packages from SST. Joseph, Missouri, across the Great Plains, over the Rocky Mountains, and the Sierra Nevada to Sacramento, atomic number 20, by horseback, utilize a series of relay stations.It is the westerners most direct means of east-west communication before the telegraph was established and was vital for trying the new state of California with the rest of the country. (Wisped) Because of that clock time that there was so many opportunities of change, there argon so many ideas that everybody is doing something to make a change, to make a name or something like inventing ideas and make them come possible. With a professor with them during the meeting, they started doing SOOT Analysis ad identifying their mission statement. Previously, I thought th at nobody can ever hypothecate something like breeding a six-legged horse. For me, reading the article seems to be unrealistic and the thinker is so desperate to meet the expectations of the customers and the demand of the changing environment. I construct also noticed that there are instances that a rider must have a degree in master. Although it is a little bit kindle that horse riding instructors that time do have some opportunities that they have their profession upgraded by taking their masters.How about today, does still exists? Harcourt is the worlds largest esquire college and provides courses university level (undergraduate and post graduate) beet diploma and short courses. This is a college that has world- class esquire facilities students can bring their horses to live on campus. (http// www. Harcourt. AC. UK/courses/esquire) With the ideas in mind of the Board of Director, why does Pony Express didnt experience for long? According to Wisped, there were numerous atta cks Pony Express have encountered.These attacks were done by the Indians during the Apatite War. Apatite Indians tribe in Nevada, does minor series of raids and ambushes which resulted in the mental disturbance of mail services of the Pony Express. It took place from May through June 1860, through sporadic violence continued for a period afterward. Pony Express operated only(prenominal) once did the mail not go through. After completing eight weekly trips from both Sacramento and Saint Joseph, the Pony Express was forced to freeze down mail services because of the outbreak of the Apatite Indian War in May 1860.In addition to their threats, maybe this has contributed large impact on the operations that they cannot manage during the time of operations. Having read this article, I now realized that SOOT Analysis is one of the tools from the many management tools that can be used in strategic planning. On the article that I have read, SOOT Analysis was the tool only used and none oth er tools were stated. Furthermore, I have earned that analysis are being done by the groups of the Board lust outsiders.Outsiders are the experts that can contribute much on the planning. They may be a number of diametrical planners and/or experts and that can attend on numerous meeting until all such possibilities has been tackled perfectly. Now I have slightly developed me knowledge and judgment on our strategic planning. This makes me feel comfortable on our next strategic planning for the big project our Institute is facing. This knowledge could be essential to me as a learner, a practitioner, a leader, and a public servant.

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