Friday, July 26, 2019

How DSLR cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picture Research Proposal - 1

How DSLR cinematography is affecting the aesthetics of motion picture for cinema - Research Proposal Example This is in line with the research as I will be studying the effect of one of the technologies (DSLR) in cinema aesthetics. In the research, I will review the aesthetics contained in Reverie by Vincent Laforet, which was shot using DSLR cameras. This is one of the movies that utilized DSLRs for film making instead of the conventional photography. To test this, I will shoot a short movie made of a collection of four scenes using three different media: film stock, digital camera (RAW), and DSLR (compressed). Each camera will produce four scenes under similar lighting and in the same environment. This will enable me compare the scenes and analyze the differences in their aesthetics. The comparison will involve the similarities and differences and their significance in aesthetic quality. I will also look at the limitations encountered and the ways of overcoming these limitations during production and post-production. The conclusion of the research will be a short film that will combine sequences filmed using different media. The production of this film will utilize pro-consumer software, which will be essent ial for proving that independent filmmakers can utilize DSLRs when making movies. This will also prove that DSLR is a professional film making tool and can help filmmakers become professionals. The major part of the film will be shot using DSLR and will be combined with scenes from a film stock camera. This will be necessary for showing that the DSLR has improved the quality of movies. Davis, E. Interview. Indiewire (2011) [Viewed 29 January, 2013]. Available from:

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