Wednesday, February 5, 2020

ACH step 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

ACH step 7 - Essay Example The two states have lived in a state of lack of independence living in a situation where there is neither war nor peace but only tension and mistrust2. Some of the attacks China organized against Taiwanese include the bombing of two islands in Taiwan in 1958, as well as the March 1966 incident where China tested missiles in Taiwan’s coast3. There are a number of solutions that have been thought will bring an end to this crisis and they include a diplomatic solution, direct attack as well as limited intervention. Hypotheses claim that diplomatic solutions will however influence the end of the conflict whereas using limited intervention may increase tension amongst the populace living in the two states4. In addition, using direct attacks may encourage other attacks from supporting nations. Considering these views concerning the possible solutions, an analysis is conducted to evaluate the outcome that will most probably occur to that with the least probability of occurrence. Coming to a diplomatic solution is the most likely outcome that will solve the PRC-Taiwanese conflict. Settling both sides and enabling them to see the necessity of bringing an end to the war is necessary. A diplomatic solution will help since it will not favour any side but be fair. Favouring one side usually culminates into increased tension in the opposing side in addition to increased attacks and reduced chances of peace and independence. The hypothesis that comes accompanied with this solution states that the diplomatic solution used will influence the end of the war. The hypothesis is true since the solution will direct how the two states will work into solving their disputes as well as how the will work once they are already stable. A solution that does not consider the future of these two states should not be selected over a solution that has considered the social, political and economic development plans for China and Taiwan. Diplomatic solutions show positive signs that it

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