Thursday, February 20, 2020

Business Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business Proposal - Essay Example The benefits involved with training employees are more than the costs incurred. A variety of training programs are available, including, employee diversity training, employee orientation, team building training, workplace safety and development training. Many organizations view the training process to be a waste of the resources and time of the company. The training is a long process that requires the dedication of the parties involved. Training of the employees of an organization should follow a proper laid out procedure. It should be the responsibility of the management to plan for this process. The first step in this process is setting clear goals of the program so that the management can assess the importance of the training process. Guiding principles that support the values of the company needs formulation. It will help in maintaining the focus of the training group. A strategic training plan should fundamentally highlight the impacts it has on the goals and missions of the organization. The management should support the training process (Adegoke, 2013). After the training, the staff should be involved in a new activity they learnt in the training. The assignment of the new duty will demonstrate that the management is interested in the training program. A measurement of performance of the training process is an important aspect. Professionally monitoring of training and the results evaluated for purposes of establishing, whether they achieved the targeted results, is a vital part of the process. A training budget should exist, according to the time schedule the process is expected to extend. Proper utilization of the resources of the business is necessary, and assessment of the utilization of the finances used in training is mandatory. The assigned period will depend on the technology used and the specific workplace. Time is an

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