Friday, November 1, 2019

Arabic students overseas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Arabic students overseas - Essay Example Indeed, the aforementioned countries have become the melting pot of cultures because of the lifestyle they offer which most people desire to have. For students, studying in one of these countries would mean better job opportunities either in the country of their choice or their own country. Nevertheless, along with the dream of pursuing one’s education in America or the United Kingdom are the challenges which could be truly difficult especially for Arabian students. The problems of communicating in English, having numerous written assignments, meeting new people, cultural differences, food preferences and homesickness are common among international students but there are solutions that could possibly help students to cope with their new environments. The first challenge that Arabian students face is communication barrier. Since English is not their native language, grammar mistakes, word use and sentence constructions which may come so easy with American and British students can prove to be a difficult job for an Arabian student. Struggling to speak in the English language oftentimes makes students ashamed or afraid to speak up their thoughts. In school, they may have difficulty explaining what they have in mind. During recitations, they may have wonderful ideas but their lack of English communication skills makes them incomprehensible and sometimes, they can be misinterpreted. In addition, they can also find it challenging to approach school authorities regarding their concerns because they may fear that their issues will not be resolved and that they will be exposed to humiliating circumstances. In communicating with their fellow students, the Arabian students may feel intimidated and therefore choose to keep to themselves ins tead and try to understand their lessons or other things on their own. However, of course, this often results to misunderstanding and further problems. Aside from having problems being understood, there is also the problem of

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