Sunday, November 3, 2019

The nature of leadership Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The nature of leadership - Dissertation Example The optimism character and the confidence help to attain goals for the leader and develop the skills and expertise in his behaviour. The leader need to understand the attribution of the followers and motivate them and allocate resources to accomplish a goal by designing formal structures and systems. Mutual involvement and with trust and co-operation with the members are an essential element the leader should take care of to support the values of the fellow members. Without followers there are no leaders. What is known about followers? The followers are the makers of the leader. Leaders influence a group but it’s the followers who help to reach the goal through their skills and efforts. The training and development attribute along with the vision of the leader clubbed with the followers’ skills completes the causal chain of effect. Figure 1: Causal Chain of effects from two types of leaders’ behaviour (Source: Yukl, 2007, p. 27) The leaders enhance the skills and confidence of the people and attract them to follow in his own ideologies. The followers are needed to be trustworthy towards the leader and should be committed towards the work assigned to them. The people working under should be satisfied with their job and with the leader for an efficient implication of the assigned task in accordance with environment and external dependencies. Reference Yukl, G.

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