Thursday, November 21, 2019

Evaluating Organizational Behavior Research Paper

Evaluating Organizational Behavior - Research Paper Example This paper illustrates that through observing from both internal and external perspectives, individuals understand why people tend to behave in a particular manner within a team environment. PepsiCo. Inc is a multinational corporation from the United States (USA) that deals with food and beverage with its headquarters at New York in the USA. The company engages in manufacturing, marketing as well as a distribution of beverages, grain-based snack foods, as well as other products. The multinational engages in business operations throughout the continent. A focus on the company’s human resource policies proves essential to understanding its organization behavior. With distribution channels and manufacturing units all around the globe, the company realized the reason for successful operation is achieved through enhancing effective human resource policies. The code of conduct and Human Rights Work Policy of the company outlines guiding measures that ensure an embodied companyâ€⠄¢s policy that enhances in dealing fairly and honestly with the company’ s associates regarding wages and benefits as well as other employment conditions. The company provides equal opportunities for associates without tolerance for discrimination and thereby ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, laws as well as other employment standards. Consequently, the company maintains a â€Å"Speak Up† policy line operational for twenty-four hours and an internet portal to enhance reporting of any alleged or suspected human rights abuses. The company respects workers dignity in the workplace as well as ensuring the associate's rights to personal security, clean, safe, as well as the healthful workplace. The company also provides associates freedom from harassment and abuse of al manners. Fair treatment and honesty are consequently applied in relation to workers wages, benefits and all conditions of employment. The associates’ right to freedom of associatio n also remains a significant point of consideration within the company.

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