Sunday, June 16, 2019

Business Model of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation Term Paper

Business Model of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation - Term Paper ExampleThe Odyssey team of chemical engineers and logisticians brings unequalled expertise to the logistics supply chain in all modes of transport. The Odyssey Global Logistics Platform is a transportation management infrastructure that serves as the technology backbone to Odysseys attend offering. Odyssey International LLC is a licensed export freight forwarder and wholly haveed subsidiary of Odyssey Logistics & Technology, managing exports to more than 80 countries. Odyssey Overland LLC is a wholly owned run of Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation operating as a broker and domestic freight forwarder for bulk and package truck shipments in North America. The company is O.K. by investors Trident Capital, LogiSpring, Boston Millennia Partners, CMEA Ventures and RRE Ventures. Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation has a team of experts in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, commercial carrier ma nagement, logistics operations and execution, and supply chain technology. They wont the Supply Chain Management (SCM) system to support these deales called the Odyssey result based on the Odyssey Global Logistics Platform that provides a single interface to the chemical and process industry logistics markets. Odyssey Solution is a Business Information System that stores information about the complete suite of logistics supporters in all modes of transport, globally. The company tailors its service offerings to meet its clients needs, leveraging its technology platform and information systems to provide any service from a single point solution to a complete logistics solution. They own no transportation equipment or warehouses, allowing them to negotiate as an independent, neutral party in the marketplace, acting in the best interests of the customers. The Business Information System Odyssey Solution manages all aspects of the supply chain from inbound sourcing and delivery logi stics through outbound shipment, handling, consolidation, deconsolidation, distribution, and delivery of end products. Odyssey can, through its integrated transportation management system, provide its clients with burden planning, tendering, shipment visibility and configurable event management, freight audit and payment, and management reporting.

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