Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Should We Do More To Deal With The Problem Of Domestic Violence, Or Is Research Paper

Should We Do More To Deal With The Problem Of Domestic Violence, Or Is The Problem Exsggerated - Research Paper ExampleBefore going into the discussion regarding whether difficulty of domestic violence exists or not, let us get a better understanding of what domestic violence actually is. Domestic violence is a type of violence that occurs in a family. Some close family relationships such as husband, wife, children, or people having blood relationships with each other are principally involved in the domestic violence. One of the biggest dilemmas regarding domestic violence is that women generally are not aware of their basic rights which are given to them by the governments and that is the argue why they do not speak a word in front of anyone as the result of which they are constantly tortured and violated by their husbands.Although a lot of research on the stretch forth of domestic violence has been done in the past, but we hardly find any research typically based on the issue o f domestic violence as a real or exaggerated problem. However, there is some helpful research, which is done on different topics related to domestic violence. I will to a fault make use of previous research in order to get a equal answer to my question.Berrios and Grady assert, Domestic violence is a pervasive and frequently unrecognized cause of injury among women. Domestic violence can also be specify as those violent behaviors that are shown by one person to the other person in order to gain or maintain a psychological or physical edge over the other person. Stets, in his research, found that repeated violent acts usually occur due to the desire of men to remove control of the behavior of women living around them. Richarson and Feder found that a large number of women having relationships with their boyfriends and husbands undergo physical injuries, mental cruelty, and forced sexual relationships.In the past, the issue of domestic violence was not considered an important issue . That is the reason why it has come out as one of the major problems for the todays world. People also did not use to think much

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