Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Geology----Stratigraphy and Sedimentation Article

Geology----Stratigraphy and Sedimentation - Article ExampleTwo relevant events cause been intricately discussed. These atomic number 18 namely the episodic events and the continuous events. By definition, the episodic events be used in reference to those that become eminent in a matter of hours or days. It is important to reiterate that their effects are distinct and pertinent to this research. On the other hand, Continuous events are differentiated by the fact that they spread oer months, years or even decades. Evidently, field mapping and reference chronology were succinctly applied in the analysis process. The tree ring method is a pertinent component in geomorphology. This is evident in its multiple applications such as assistance in comprehension ofthe geomorphic processes, the consequent frequency and events. Further to this, the annual precision will also aid in predicting rising tides and other events in future so as to avert the damages caused by the same. Previous re search has revealed that the flood rings in 1826 and 1850. In this regard, it was established that the tree with flood rings were proportionate to the discharge. The primary trees that were subject to the sampling procedure were those identified as are mainly affected by the geomorphic processes. These included trees growing near river banks, trees growing on the edges of gullies and avalanche paths and trees growing right on the sediment plants. In conclusion,the boilersuit relevance of the tree ring method as far geomorphology is concerned includes ascertaining the magnitude and frequency of events, providing an annual precision the tree rings are pertinent as far as predicting continuous and episodic processes as well as delineating the spatial location affected by a process.Howard and Blakey have done a commendable job in relating their observations and interpretations. The data provided is enough for all the facies interpretation. Their interpretation of fluvial channel mobilit y in relation with the geometry of sandstone bodies is correct and on that point

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