Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Dissection and graded assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Dissection and graded - Assignment Example A progressive disorder can be dealt with if proper genetic testing is done, but at times unpreventable diseases are found out by genetic testing. In these cases there are ethical issues which may arise. An example of an ethical issue arising due to genetic testing is the chance of someone using a person’s personal information against someone which could prove to be harmful. Hence it can be clearly stated that genetic testing is a matter of privacy and individual choice. Laws passed by HIPAA and GINA protect personal information of those being tested and eradicate the chances of discrimination (Norrgard, 2008). 1. You are an epidemiologist at a county hospital. The hospital has asked you to examine the effects of antibiotics administered to patients before surgery that involves opening of the chest cavity. The time frame for administration of antibiotics to patients before surgery is 2-hour intervals for up to 24 hours. The overall objective of the study is to reduce surgical infections and deaths associated with surgery. The hospital administration has given you 15 years to complete the study. The purpose of administering antibiotics prophylactically is important prior to any surgery. The main need for this administration is to prevent any possible post-surgery infections. The possible wound infections result in extended stays of patients at hospitals. These infections develop due to microbial virulence factors, local factors, surgical techniques and systemic factors. Over the years epidemiologists at the hospital facility worked to choose the best suitable antibiotic. The antibiotic had low toxicity and low chances of allergies. The antibiotic of choice was given 30 minutes before the surgery. The concentration of the drug given was adjusted with the duration of surgery. In surgeries which involved incising the chest cavity, the antibiotic of choice was cefazolin (Holzheimer, 2001). A comparative study was carried out between the efficacies of two

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