Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Technology, Literacy, Authentic Assessment Article

Technology, Literacy, Authentic Assessment - Article Example The Shanahans drew their population from grade, middle, and high school students (Timothy and Cynthia, 2012). The article deduced that teaching disciplinary literacy would offer learning benefits middle and high school students. The article provides keywords expected to be found by readers throughout the article, which is positive because it prepares them. The keywords are terms that the Shanahans consider important for understanding disciplinary literacy. I found it also helpful that the article does not contained any other unexplained terminology or complex diction, which makes it simpler for the average reader to understand it. The only downside I witnessed with the article is the authors’ professional-amateur contrast wherein they gathered open information. Here, the authors do not succeed in linking experts’ â€Å"illiteracy† in disciplinary literacy to teachers’ tools or solutions for teaching their classes today. The article could have used a quantitative approach for this particular section to establish a thorough demonstration of responsibility for disciplinary illiteracy amongst schools today. Researchers William R. Watson, Christopher J. Mong, and Constance A. Harris conducted the study at a remote high school in a small town in the Midwestern United States. The study was aimed at exploring the situation of a second-years high school class. Watson, Mong, and Harris used a population of four classes by a specific teacher with each an estimated count of 25 students (Watson, Mong, and Harris, 2011). The study was conducted by analyzing a video game made for academic purposes pertaining to the Second World War called Making History. Watson, Mong, and Harris collected observational data, focus group and questionnaire fillings, and record reviews. The study found out that using video games to teach in classrooms leads to a change from a conventional teacher-focused learning

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