Sunday, October 6, 2019

It is up to you Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

It is up to you - Research Paper Example provides a fact sheet with the main objective of helping the education providers in the USA to better the standards of education for the immigrant students. He explores all the existing resources and laws that give the immigrant children the right to education. Marta, like most of the aforementioned authors, enlists more factors that affect the adaptation and performance of the immigrant children in school. This journal book is important in adding more hidden factors of immigrant education. Parmon explains the controversy that existed in the US on whether the immigrant should attend the schools or not. This book has aired various opinions of the US citizens of this matter. The findings of this book helps in ascertaining how this conflict has played a role in the immigrant school attendance and adaptations. Scott clarifies the major influencing factors specifically for the Asian American students when they are making the decision to join the schools abroad. The book is important in identifying the main drivers and hindrances of the immigrant children for joining the schools abroad. Here, Richards vividly explores a number of challenges that are faced by the parents of the immigrant students. This book is relevant in describing how these family challenges affect the experience and performances of the students in school. This book by Georges critically and systematically describes and analyse all the experiences of the immigrant students in the US and their performances at their respective stages of education. The information in this book is vital in establishing how experiences affect the performances of the students. The project was initiated from the experiences obtained from the community service. During the two-hour weekly tutorials at the Wang YMCA which is based at China town, I witnessed a number of immigrant children struggling to adapt and perform in the school. Some of the students were quick to learn the concepts in class while others were taking

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