Monday, October 7, 2019

Managerial Decision Making Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Managerial Decision Making - Essay Example Therefore, this report seeks to discuss how employee empowerment is essential for the employees themselves and how it is a good business to the organization (Farheen & Sidrah, 2011). It also gives the reason as to why employees must be empowered. First, an organization has to give up some of its power in favor of employee autonomy. This will give employees a sense of free environment in contributing ideas and methods by which they will fulfill their tasks. Secondly, invite feedback from employees by installing a suggestion box (Huq, 2010). By doing so, an organization will understand how best to aid their empowerment. Thirdly, opening doors to employees and asking for opinions in meetings will help employees know that they are cared about and that their opinion matter to the organization. In addition, promote employee education by allowing them to get the necessary education. Also, arrange for them to attend career development seminars. By so doing, the organization gains employee loyalty and improve employee performance (Farheen & Sidrah, 2011). Lastly, acknowledging employee achievements by recognizing and congratulating employees on a good job done. This will motivate employees to improve their responsibilities and work m uch harder to deliver efficient and effective outcomes. Employee empowerment is very important to the employees because firstly it brings satisfaction and motivation leading to increased productivity (Sandri, 2011). Secondly, freedom of expression will lead to creativity and innovation. Thirdly, the employees will feel efficient and there will be a lesser need of supervision. Hence this tool of not being supervised, gives employees a freelance attitude and they become more customer friendly, which is a big boost to an organization. Lastly, empowerment will create a sense of ownership hence encouraging employees become more enterprenual. Research has shown that empowering employees is the best

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