Monday, September 23, 2019

2. Individual Report Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

2. Individual Report - Coursework Example With its advanced technology it is used by many consumers since it fits their needs. Moreover, the report gives a clear view of how the Sony products make an impact in the market, the strategy that can make Sony more lucrative, the brand loyalty of the camera and the importance of customer satisfaction. The main aim of the report is to understand the Sony camera as a brand and the consumer fulfilment with its products. Understanding of the product gives better decision making for both the company and the users of its products. Therefore, the report’s aim is to deduce the value of both the camera’s impact as a brand and the approval by its users There are several objectives in this report that span from defining Sony camera brand, making a strategy for Sony camera, research the brand loyalty, analysis and evaluation of Sony camera brand equity and importance of customer satisfaction. To amaze its customers, Sony merges the excellent knowledge with its innovative technology. Sony is known for producing great audio-visual technology by its virtue of leading edge technology. Sony has always maintained its vision through offering modern technology and digital concepts while working together with the consumers. By doing so, the company stands to sell excellence to its users. Moreover, their consistency and dedication toward service moves the company closer to the customers. The company boasts the only camera without a mirror-less system. The superior nature of the company in audio- visual technology gives the company a better edge in the market. The production of this type of mirror-less camera opens a new dawn for camera technology having being a dream in the preceding years. Despite the fact that Sony has built its name in the entire electronics industry, their camera house is a home to a range of cameras. Moreover, the company is recognised for its reliability

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