Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Arab experience in adapting to American society Essay

The Arab experience in adapting to American society - Essay Example I was very happy when I was accepted in the UNC to finish my studies there, I had been hoping very much that would be admitted there because I had heard a lot of good things about the university, I have never met anyone who has been to the school but in the internet people say it is a good place. I hope it will be good for me so I can finish my studies in America before I go back to my country so I can continue with my dream of becoming a great general like my father. I also am glad to be in the university because that means I will be studying with other students who are good in speaking English as their mother tongue so I will be able to learn how to speak it very well from them. Back home, my main hobbies were playing football and taking trips and travelling, I used to spend a lot of time driving my parents car and even went outside our town to explore, sometimes I could use a bike. In since primary school I have played soccer with my friends and I spend a lot of time in the field, I play the position of a defender. Back home, we watch American football on TV and I think it is very good, I hope I can get a chance to play, because of my army training I am sure I can be able to learn the game quickly. To me the chance to study in a great American university is very important because I have always wanted to study here, when I was young we would read textbooks showing big cities and roads in America and I would say that I wanted to go and visit one day and maybe study.Because of that, coming here to me was like a golden chance.... run many kilometers in the hot sun and practice matching for a long time, however since I wanted to be like my father, I persevered and I was able to become successful. However I decided even if I wanted to become a general like my father, I should travel and acquire more knowledge which I could use in life later as well as their skills not limited to military ones. Because of this, I moved to the United States after I got a scholarship and in January 2012 I came here to America and registered in Fort Collins where I studied English so I could improve my communication and reading skills as well as be able to study other subjects in America. This was however very difficult for me since Arabic was my first language which I had spoken all my life and it was very different from English, and writing and learning the alphabet and letters of English was hard and it took me almost on and a half years to finish the course and even if my English is still not very good I practice every day and I talk to a lot of my Americans friends so I can learn it from them. This is because the best method to learn a language is not by going to school but by using it through speaking to people who understand it well. I discovered that in America most people are christens but very many also have other religions and some do not have religion at all. In my home country, this is very different because almost everybody I know is a Muslim, I was taught since I was a child to love god and respect other people and their faith even it is different from mine. This is easy in America because people do not treat me differently because I am a Muslim, in fact everyday even here I go to a mosque every day for prayer, this is enjoyable because apart from prayers I can meet other Muslims and we can talk and

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