Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Does Google's Workplace Environment Enhance Effectiveness In Its Case Study

Does Google's Workplace Environment Enhance Effectiveness In Its Workforce - Case Study Example The paper tells that Google's strategy has brought about change while ensuring all benefit from its services; some of the search engines come into play longer before its launch. This didn’t stop it from dominating the market. To enhance its competitiveness a lot of investment was done to facilitate a smooth sail in this sector. As experienced by most players it was hard to realize progress without addressing the common problems present in the market. Google has however excelled while filling the gap in the market while relying on credible findings from research done. This explains why Google excels in its right as a leading player which also led to high profit realization. The existing resource acted as an added advantage thus helped in ensuring they acquired qualified manpower as well as specialized skill to spearhead the objective. Small players were unlikely to benefit much owing to domination by large organizations such as Google. While still embracing change vibrant polic ies were put in place geared at improving staff morale. Adopted policies also ensured training was done; this went a long way in buffing up its competitiveness. These policies addressed staff needs which were diverse in nature. Accountability Staffs are expected to account for their actions; such cultures also assist in spearheading change. This limits the likelihood of regular supervision as seen in other organizations. Most individuals are expected to commit their service knowing that they are indebted to the organization thus their input is of much important. This also limited the degree of overprotection and supervision. Staffs are also expected to make it their initiative rather than keeping on blaming others yet they could be in a position to actualize a difference. In most setups staffs are likely to output more than others but are at times driven by self drive. One is however demanded to exercise caution while avoiding reckless behaviors likely to compromise freedom. In case of one not living up to the expectation one is likely to be disciplined for his action thus the need for accountability. At times it’s also wise to ensure good interrelationship among staff as well as the management. A friendly atmosphere goes hand in hand while helping in transforming the present situation. There is also a cord of ethics which must be adhered to by all stakeholders irrespective of position; this should also be practiced by the superiors. Google values teamwork owing improvement of output. This implies that ideas be shared while improving the output.  Satisfaction is likely to be attained as a result while still creating a long-lasting bond among staff. Google tries to ensure all staffs are happy with their work despite the daily challenges in the work environment. Rotation is also done while trying to handle boredom which could result from overexposure; staff competence and skills are however taken into consideration to avoid monotony thus spurring learni ng among employees. Other improvement mechanisms are also considered such as personal development; this is usually sponsored by the organization. While offering such training staff may fill indebted to the company thus simply avail their knowledge. The company also focuses more on production that meetings some of which may be time consuming yet decisions taken never avail much as anticipated.

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