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Role of a Management Consultant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Role of a Management Consultant - Essay Example B., 2001). The same brand is part of a long, classic, one-on-one competition with its archrival, PepsiCo. Inc. Coca Cola experienced a rapid growth in sales and consumer –preference, thanks to Roberto Goizueta who raised Coca Cola to the heights of performance while he was CEO from 1981 to 1997. Using his sharp analytical skills and market foresight and risk-taking tendency, Goizueta took Coca Cola into the direction of high sales, increasing market-share, revenue gains and high profit margins. He revolutionized how the soda industry is run and showed the world that just by focusing on Coca Cola’s principle black beverage; the company became a top-notch giant. This very philosophy inspired Coke’s followers, and even the Board of Directors, which included tycoons such as Warren Buffet, Herbert A. Allen and Donald Keough. They remained admirers of this approach and frowned upon any notions of diversification, unlike what was happening inside PepsiCo. Throughout the nineties, through this very approach, Coca Cola saw its rise in the world of beverage as an undisputed winner over PepsiCo. Inc. Goizueta took some very successful decision during his time, one of which was to form a new company under the name Coca Cola Enterprises, in 1986, which handled the US bottling operations for Coca Cola. This, immediately, helped Coca Cola in terms of the debt burden and also, raised their stock volumes, while reassuring quality bottling and distribution. (Cravens & Piercy, 2009). According to Cravens and Piercy (2009), this move turned out to be quite a profitable one as Coca Cola could erase off $2.4 billion from the balance sheet. Moreover, having formed Coca Cola Enterprises, US bottling operations were handled well and timely distribution channels were assured. He was known to be risky, as he himself used to admit. His believes were of the nature that risk-taking is a necessity for growth and development. In a growing consumer-market, playing safe all the time could mean losing out on opportunities and business. Goizueta is renowned for another important move: his non-contemporary approach of globalization of brands. ‘Think global, act local’ was the underlying philosophy of Goizeuta to expand and capture foreign markets. Unlike the general wave of globalization, he insisted that, to develop a successful multinational brand, it was important to think globally while acting in the local context. He explained that standardization and uniformity represent a strong and consistent image of a brand and it triggers a sense of surety in the minds of consumers worldwide. This uniformity can help create a very powerful image of the brand; while also considering vital selling points and marketing campaign specifics of differing cultures and geographies. At the very end of all this positive period, it did become quite apparent that the direction in which Coca Cola was heading into, had a dead-end. Arguably, his headstrong, upfro nt style of leadership, even though raised Coca Cola to reach new heights in the short-run; however, his moves, somehow, created a recipe for future disaster. His decisions focused more on the bottling operations than the actual customers. It is important to note that Mr. Roberto Goizueta maintained that Coca Cola did not need diversification to increase revenue. Instead, according to Suhaib Riaz (2008), he borrowed millions

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