Saturday, September 21, 2019

Cheating Is Wrong Essay Example for Free

Cheating Is Wrong Essay Why is it cheating? It is cheating because: * When you are given an assignment to write a paper for a class, you are being asked to write the paper. If the professor wanted to know what someone else thinks about the topic, she’d ask that other person, not you! * One purpose of assignments and exams in school is to honestly evaluate your knowledge and abilities. If you didn’t honestly demonstrate your knowledge and abilities, then the professor can’t honestly assess them. If the professor can’t honestly assess them, then the university or college is giving you an invalid credential. Once you have an invalid credential, you undermine the integrity of your alma matter (whose reputation upon which you depend for your livelihood) and you are falsely representing yourself, your knowledge and your abilities to prospective employers, graduate and professional schools. * You are lying when you turn in the paper with your name on it as if you were the only author. This makes you a liar, and a cheat. This is no different than if you had someone else take your driver’s test for you or did your job for you while you got paid. Why is cheating wrong? If you need to ask this, you’ve got bigger problems than I can solve. Cheating is wrong because it creates a distrustful community and world – once we can’t trust each other, your doctor, your accountant, your grocery store clerk, and so on, we will have to move into a complete police state. Constant monitoring. No privacy. No freedom. You are entrusted to do your assignments honestly and with integrity, this means always acknowledging the help you receive from others. With trust comes great responsibility. You are responsible for your own integrity. You are responsible for NOT being a cheater.

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