Friday, August 9, 2019

Cross Cultural Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Cross Cultural Management - Essay Example Organizations all differ in their culture. There are no too organizations with the exact culture. Cultural forms function as the linking mechanism by which networks of understanding develop among employees. The cultural forms shown in the table on pages 293-94 act as a medium for communicating ideologies, values, and norms. Cultural forms enable leaders to transmit messages about desirable culture to influence thinking and ways of behaving. Cultural forms also address the emotional aspects of organizations that are commonly referred to as cohesion or camaraderie. Organizational scholars Janice Beyer and Harrison Trice elaborate on this point: Cultural forms not only aid sense making through the meanings they convey; they also aid the sense making process through the emotional reassurances they provide that help people persist in their coping efforts. Forms provide a concrete anchoring point, even if the meaning they carry are vague and only imperfectly transmitted....Also many cultural forms involve the expression of emotion and, by this venting of emotions, help people to cope with stress.( Organizational diversity is the mixture of different individuals. Differences such as race, age, gender, religion, and ethnics. Diversity is very important in the attractiveness of an organization. ... Technology is increasing at a rapid pace. The world's technology is set to double in the next seven years. An organization must be technology advanced to be able to keep a competitive advantage over its competition. Many times when upgrades are made in a company employee training is necessary. Communication in an organization is very important for its success. Managers must be able to communicate with their subordinates quickly and effectively. Communication channels need to be a too ways lane. Employee feedback allows management to measure their own success. Employees should feel free to constructively comment and offer creative ideas to managers. Communication can take place in person, over the phone, or electronically. An organization's culture is a very complex and sensitive issue. Companies must develop a culture that appeals both to its employees and customers. The culture of an organization is a resemblance of its personality. Employee and managers will be working together on a daily bases and must get along. Human resource management is somewhat different in the global environment that in the domestic environment. Several factors contribute to this. One factor is the differences in worldwide labor markets. Each country has a different min of workers, labor costs, and companies. Companies can choose the mix of human resources that is best for them. Another factor is differences in worker mobility. Various obstacles make it difficult or impossible to move workers form one country to another. These include physical, economic, legal, and cultural barriers. Still another factor is managerial practices. Different business subcultures choose to manage their resources, including people, in different ways. The more countries in which a company operates, the greater

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