Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Information system - Essay Example ut to be a hassle for the passengers and were internationally a shame as several flights got cancelled and many international passengers faced troubles due to the mismanaged system. The infrastructure of the terminal had turned out to be very good but in regard to serving the passengers a convenient and comfortable experience, the terminal greatly failed. Some of the major problems with the terminal operations were with the baggage, the security system, the car parking, and the enormous building that had no maps or help-lines. The BAA did not also have the information system in place as it was unreachable by the staff members. Some workers also said that they could not log into the computer system and those who could log into it, did not know how to operate it properly. The information system was installed and for the baggage handling duties to be allocated amongst the staff members, there was a Resource Management System. Thus, the workers did not know their duties when they reached their work areas which affected the baggage handling, and thus delayed flights. The information system was not effective as staff members and workers weren’t able to use it efficiently. Moreover, the security system and the handling of the enormous place were also not managed creating troubles for the passengers. An effective information system could have helped the terminal 5 to avoid the disaster as it would have enabled better management, better security systems, and a better baggage handling system which had been the major cause for the delay and cancellation of flights as well as the difficulties to the passengers. The baggage system had failed which is why most of the problems occurred. A good baggage system would have been efficient in helping the handling of the baggage and it would not have clogged the system. Moreover, the car parking spaces had become an issue as there was no navigation for the huge space so staff members were unable to find parking spaces for a long

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