Saturday, August 10, 2019

Human resource development-A practitioners perspective Essay

Human resource development-A practitioners perspective - Essay Example The HR practitioner has to perceive a multi-dimensional view of organizational aims to correlate with the employees' goals. A human resource professional has to concentrate on three main functions performance, feedback and counseling. These three are important functions of an HR team. The entire organizational objectives circumvent in-between these three functions. The present paper analyses the interrelation among these three functions and highlights their significance in enhancing organization performance. The figure depicts the three import operational features which has much significance in development of an individual profitable to an organization.. Ignorance of one function will effect on the overall performance of an organization as it is similar to farming. Planting the seeds and leaving its fate doesn't yield the required crop. Similarly setting performance targets and initiating them doesn't guaranty good results. Employees should be made accountable and responsible to the work they are carrying out at the work station. To monitor the performance, performance appraisals are put in place. The underperformers and the star performers can be identified by these appraisals. The star performers are rewarded and encouraged. The underperformer is counseled to c apture his mindset and the HR team tries to tune with the party. The functions are interrelated to each other as performance management initiates the process of working; it educates the employees on the steps to execute and at regular intervals appraisals keeps monitoring the standards to keep them aloft. Whenever there is a requirement the individuals are counseled to elevate their thought, values and goals towards the organizational goals Performance Appraisal Performance Management Career counseling Performance management -Performance appraisals-Career counseling Performance is an important operational toll of the HR department. Performance management sets the direction for inducting the future aspirations and objectives of an organization. An organization has to set the level of standard they were aspiring to reach their objectives. The employees' abilities are to fine tuned towards the fulfillment of this objective. Performance has to identify the section and field and level of operations that require attention and approach that aspect. The HR Performance Management Model has to focus on decision-making and accountability at the level where the work is done, development of a service culture that rewards team performance, and integration of operations. The success of the HR departments depends on the adoption of a customer service orientation, a flexible attitude to mould according to current requirements, and streamlined business processes supported by networked administrative systems. For an effective organizational performance first we ne ed to frame performance management plan leads to performance development process comprising performance appraisal and career counseling. The performance management has to look into the aspects like previous achievements, the previous setbacks new challenges. The current employees' standards, the current skill levels of the

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