Monday, August 19, 2019

Essay --

The days of a fair complex-ion being the â€Å"in-style† are long gone. Nowadays the way to appear more attrac-tive is to lie in a bed of artificial ultraviolet rays and get a fake tan. Today, 2.3 teenage girls tan annu-ally in an indoor bed (Komis 34). This isn’t to say that boys never tan and are innocent; it’s just that the majority of tanners under the age of 18 are girls. So why do girls feel that it is necessary to do this to their bodies, when there are so many reasons not to, the biggest being a greater chance of skin can-cer later in life? Let’s first start off by explaining just exactly what indoor tanning is. Most would agree that in-door tanning is going to a salon where there are sev-eral tanning beds where us-ers can choose to lie down or stand and then are ex-posed to very high intensi-ties of ultraviolet, or UV, rays in periods of twenty minutes or less (Loh 1). Because these UV rays are twice as intense as the natural sunlight, there have been rules and regula-tions to keep everything in tact. Some of these rules include: 1) only being able to use a bed from that sa-lon...

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