Saturday, August 10, 2019

Product recognition Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Product recognition - Research Paper Example y designed to target the needs of the young generation who cares a lot about bad breath and, use different products to seek â€Å"freshness in breath.† Colgate Max Fresh is high-in-demand in Asian markets as compare to American and European markets. But, the brand can position itself in American and European markets successfully by associating itself with the activities especially for the youth to slowly make its place in the markets. The product is catered to meet the needs of the young generation who seek freshness and use multiple oral products to keep their breath fresh and clean. The product is segmented on the basis of age and gender. Mostly, young males are more conscious about their bad breath due to their smoking habits as compare to girls. Therefore, to reach this specific consumer group, the company has targeted the young males on the basis of â€Å"freshness†. Colgate Max Fresh owns a heavy market in Asia. But, due to high smoking habits of Europeans, the brand can have its potential growth in Europe as well. In America, the brand will enjoy a little attention as the Americans seek whitening of teeth over bad breath. Colgate Max Fresh has been introduced in the market in multiple flavors. The product is designed to target the youth. To penetrate in the market and in the minds of youth, it has associated itself with the brands such as iPods and other sports activities such as Kayaking. This association has helped the brand to develop its image of a brand which is specifically designed for the youth. To target more young consumers, the brand can also sponsor programs that are catered towards the young audience. The constant appearance of Colgate Max Fresh commercial on the TV channel will draw the young audience towards the product, hence, making a psychological effect on their minds. The brand can associate itself with MTV America and Europe to target more young consumers as they listen to music more than any other age group. Colgate Max Fresh has

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