Sunday, August 11, 2019

Urban Sociology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Urban Sociology - Essay Example In the process, the nature and possible causes of the urban sociological problems that occur in Africa will be discussed followed by examining the severity of constantly increasing population problem and its impact with the local, regional, national and global economy. Prior to the conclusion, recommended ways on how to combat the population growth problem will be tackled. Studying the Africa’s demographics is considered as one of the most controversial case during the twentieth century because of the rapid growth of the African population as well as its urbanization development. (Zuberi et al., 2003) Divided in five major regions known as the North Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, and Southern Africa (Think Quest, 2008c), the country is very unique in the sense that it is composed of more than 50 other countries with thousands of different ethnic groups such as the Arabs, Ashanti, Bantu, Berbers, Bushmen, Dinka, Fulani, Ganda, Hamites, Hausa, Hottentot, Kikuyu, Luba, Lunda, Malinke, Moors, Nuer, Pygmies, Semites, Swahili, Tuareg, Xhosa, and Yoruba aside from those that are less known by the local people. (Think Quest, 2008b) (See Table I – Complete List of African Countries, Population, and Internet Users on page ) Africa has a huge population with approximately 955.206,342 as of 2008. (Internet Worlds Stats, 2008) Despite the excessive high number of inhibitants, Africa is also considered as one of the fastest urban developing country. As of 2008, approximately one-third of the total African population lives and work in the cities. (Think Quest, 2008b) As a result of fast paced urbanization and a better economic base in the country, the number of birth and death rates has declined over the years. Aside from having the opportunity for a higher educational, the benefits of driving a car, and an access to worldwide

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