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Gustave Gefroys portrait Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Gustave Gefroys portrait - Essay Example His repressed activity is transferred to the complicated articulation of his books, the instruments of his profession. Indeed the arrangement of the books behind him, projecting and receding, tilted differently from shelf to shelf and ending in the open volumes below, seems more human than the man, reminding us of a long twisted body in classic counterpoise, like Michelangelo's Slave in the Louvre, a work that Czanne admired and drew. The paintings give an impression that the figure in the image is coming out of the image, as though the sunrays are falling on the hats or window, as though there is so much delight in the life of the one portrayed, as though some thing special is hidden in them. The freshness and the openness make us feel divine for a moment and we feel are we in the heaven where there is nothing but joy. One must have an artistic heart to understand the art. The paintings give a fleeting look of spontaneity and freshness in the developing the art. The image relies upon the art of impressionism when observed directly the work confines the ephemeral effects of light and color. The techniques developed by Renoir in the oil painting are highly skilled could only be noticed when the paint surface is closely examined and noticed. He imitated other artists like Renoir, with small parallel strokes of brush. It is also observed that he was fairly capable enough of painting landscapes but failed experimenting with them. His paintings were not only great but also pretty and whose work seems always to have been done in paradisiacal temperatures Reference Joseph Rishel. (n.d.). Masterpieces of Impressionism and Post- Impressionism: The Annenberg Collection. Retrieved 9 April 2007, from,

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